Furniture Warranty Claim

Please read the following before submitting your furniture claim.

Warranty coverage for issues that are considered a manufacturer’s defect can vary by manufacturer, but most, at a minimum, cover parts and labor costs within the first year.  After the first year, coverage will vary by the specific part and manufacturer.  For example:  All fabric and foams may be covered for parts and labor for the 1st year, but are not covered at all after that (we may still be able to order parts and repair service, but they may be at a cost to the consumer after the 1st year).  Reclining mechanisms may be covered for parts and labor in year 1, but only for parts in years 2 and 3, making the consumer responsible for any labor charges after the 1st year.  

What can void the warranty or is generally not covered.

    • Warranties only apply to the original purchaser
    • Signs of improper use, neglect
    • Excessive stains, burns, cuts etc.
    • Items/parts outside of manufacturers listed warranty time frames
    • Commercial use of furniture
    • Improper handling, transport or storage
    • Improper cleaning or maintenance
    • Modifications to the furniture
    • Fading due to exposure sunlight or other elements
    • Moisture damage, including spills and water rings
  • Normal wear and tear is not covered

  • Furniture manufacturers use specific photos to help them correctly process warranty claims.  Please take the following photos before proceeding.

    1. Photo of invoice: (If you purchased after 1/1/2016 and don’t have your invoice, that’s ok, as we may still have it in our records.  If you purchased before 1/1/2016, or we don’t have your invoice in our records, a photo of the invoice will be required.
    2. Photo of the I.D. tag for the furniture.  This photo may include info such as model/item number, date of mfg, serial # etc.  They are generally located in the following areas:
      1. Reclining furniture:  Tag is almost always underneath one of the footrests
      2. Stationary couches, chairs etc:  Usually on the seat deck under one of the seat cushions, or on the bottom of the furniture attached to the dust cover
      3. Cabinets, dressers, chests etc.:  Usually on the the back panel, near the top
      4. Dining tables, occasional tables etc:  Usually on the bottom side of the table top
      5. Dining chairs:  Usually on the underside of the seat.



    3. Photo of entire piece of furniture


    4. Closeup Pictures of damaged area(s). At least one photo that is close enough to see what the issue is, but feel free to add multiple photos if necessary. 


    5. OPTIONAL:  Feel free to add a video of the issue if you feel like a photo doesn’t properly illustrate the problem.

    Once all photos are collected, please submit your claim here.