Mattress Warranty Claim

Please read the following information before submitting your mattress claim

Items covered under the manufacturer’s warranty

  • Body impressions GREATER than 1.5” on quilted products
  • Coils or Wires broken or protruding
  • Pillow-top or fabric/foam lumping or shifting
  • Side collapse
  • Busted seam (Does not include pulled threads that are cosmetic or part of the quilting)
  • Broken framing in the box spring/foundation

Items NOT covered under the manufacturer’s warranty 

  • Normal wear and tear: You will be able to tell where you sleep on all mattresses.  This is considered normal wear and tear and not a manufacturer’s defect.
  • ANY bedding that has stains, burns, punctures, or torn fabric,
  • Mattress Fabric
  • Comfort Preference (too hard/too soft)
  • Bed Height
  • Handles
  • Body impressions LESS than 1.5” on quilted products
  • Structural damage due to improper framing or center support
  • If used for commercial purposes
  • Damages due to causes other than defective materials or workmanship
  • Transportation costs
  • Pulled thread
  • If a non-matching mattress and foundation are used together. The mattress and foundation are engineered and built as a systemized set to withstand rigorous flame tests and provide proper support.


All mattress manufacturers require detailed and specific photos to process any warranty claims.  Please provide ALL of the following photos when submitting your claim.  Failure to submit all required photos may result in delays and possible rejection of your claim.  If you’re not sure that you’re taking the correct photo for each requirement, feel free to submit multiple examples.

  1. Photo of invoice.  (If you purchased after 1/1/2016 and don’t have your invoice, that’s ok, as we may still have it in our records.  If you purchased before 1/1/2016, or we don’t have your invoice in our records, a photo of the invoice will be required.
  2. Photo of the “law tag”. This is the I.D. tag for the mattress that is sewn into the end of the bed.  It will have info such as model name/number and date of manufacture.


3. Photo of the entire mattress without bedding (no sheets, blankets, pillows etc.)


4. Photo(s) of the defect. If the defect is a dip/sag, place a straight edge across the mattress to illustrate where the dip is occurring.  For straight edges, broom handles work best, or you can stretch a tight string, weighted on each end, across the surface.


5. Photos of defect measurments. Photo should be taken at an angle that shows the true measurement of the dip.  Please do not take measurements from quilted/button areas and do not compress the foam with the tape measure.


6. Photo of the boxsprings/foundation, if present, with nothing on it. (If you have a platform style bed or a mechanical base, you may not have a boxsprings/foundation)


7. Photo of bedframe/support. Full photo of the structure that supports the mattress/boxsprings, whether it be a mechanical base, metal frame, traditional rails and slats, etc.


Once all photos are collected, please submit your claim here.